Corporate Profile

ThinkTub Interactives (OPC) Private Limited (ThinkTub), the first IT Developments and Services company who pledge the utilisation of AI powered technologies. ThinkTub is one of India's young digital services and solutions provider. ThinkTub offers a comprehensive suite of web services spanning business automations, analytics, prediction and forcasting, data processing, mining, digital payment solutions, server and Db managements and custom software developments to individuals, clients, enterprises, corporations and governments in both domestic as well as international markets. ThinkTub Technologies facilitates businesses and governments to execute their day to day activities in a safe and secure digital environment.

Headquartered in Bengaluru City, Karnataka, ThinkTub is a team of below 10 people presently.

ThinkTub businesses are classified under 4 broad categories:

Web and Android Developments, Logo Designing

Developments & Designing

Business Automations, Analytics, Data Mining

Process & Data Managements

Business Process/Activities Predictions and Forecastings

Predictions and Forecastings

Windows, Linux Servers and Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL and more databases

Server & Db Managements

Management Team

Mrs. Abha Roy

CEO, ThinkTub

Mrs. Priya Ravikumar

COO, ThinkTub

Mrs. Poornimadevi G

CFO, ThinkTub

Mrs. Sunitha Kiran

CTO & CAO, ThinkTub

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